Sexy and Flirty Kimonos blazes the city’s Runway

Angeline Khoo (middle), founder of Rosie On Fire, showing off her Kimono Spring Collection with models wearing the rock-and-roll Rosie (left) and signature ombre Hearthrob (right)


The heat is blazing Kuala Lumpur and kimonos specialist – Rosie On Fire is adding the heat, glamour and drama with a limited edition one of a kind Spring collection through an intimate dazzling show at one of KL’s chic nail spa.

During the show, Khoo shared her experience in travelling around Asia with her team in handpicking the fabrics for the kimonos. Such dedication is needed to upkeep the standard of the kimonos with signature styles defined by their flow and drape.


Mermaid Net Kimono, one of Rosie On Fire ombre essentials, oozing playful flirtatiousness

Iris (left), Rosie On Fire’s bestseller, is a fantasia of mermaids, unicorns and dreams, flanked by the edgy and flirty Rosie (right)

Edyn Kimono is one of Rosie On Fire’s sweetest Spring florals













“We’re excited to scale our kimono production to meet the high demand we’ve had. We’ve just expanded our marketing and sales teams out of North America and operations in London. We’re also actively working on expanding our autistic engagement and hiring more autistic individuals for suitable roles within Rosie On Fire this year,” shared Khoo.

The showcase also highlighted on how the fashion brand support and provides towards flexible working opportunities for marginalised groups, particularly low-income families, autistic people, single mothers or women working from home.

A portion of its garments is made by Malaysian single mothers and rural stay-at-home mothers who would otherwise have to choose between caring for their children or earning an income. Rosie On Fire actively engages autistic people in all roles throughout the company, providing experience, jobs and opportunities otherwise unavailable to them.

“Rosie On Fire is more than a brand to me. The heart of the company is to help people through dynamic commercial partnerships. My background has provided me opportunities not readily available to others and that’s something I take seriously. There’s a responsibility to use those opportunities to do good and my heart is to do as much for others as has been done for me. Something as simple as access to the workforce can impact someone’s life in immeasurable ways.” said Khoo.


Sexy with a Cause : Angeline Khoo (second from right), founder of Rosie On Fire, with representatives of Generating Opportunities for Learning Disabilities (GOLD), comprising of Nalani a/p Subramaniam (most left), Jasmine Kaur (middle) and Neville Yeoh (most right), and Pearline Gan from Rosie On Fire.


With a retail background that includes Laura Ashley and Metrojaya, this Oxford-educated and trained lawyer found a special love for Malaysia, sparking off the idea to run part of the brand’s operation here in Malaysia after its launch in London. To view Rosie On Fire’s collection of finely crafted kimonos, head over to or visit their Facebook Page,, Instagram and Twitter handle, @rosieonfireshop.


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