Perdana Lake Garden

The name Alfred Venning may not ring a bell to Malaysians compared to the Federate Malay States British Resident, Frank Swettenham. That Mr. Swettenham was a very, very popular gentleman during the British colonization in Malaya. However, it was Mr. Venning who was responsible for...

Sempoi Charity Funwalk at KL Bird Park

Sempoi Charity will be organizing a charity fun walk at the KL Bird Park on May 13 2017.

Sempoi Charity which was founded in June 2016, is formed by a multiracial group of young and dynamic people who are passionate about reaching out to the less fortunate and under privileged with their outreach programmes which are aimed to help those in need irrespective of gender, race and religion… 

The most popular animal in the zoo, the cute alpaca

Visit the Adorable Alpaca at KL Tower Mini Zoo 马来西亚也有羊驼(草泥马)啦,比台中的更清洁更可爱呢 : Unexpectedly Clean, Well Maintained and Fun

Not being exaggerating but it was really the “wow” effect when I first visit the KL Tower Mini Zoo located at Menara Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Punchak. KL Tower Mini Zoo is unexpectedly cleaner, well maintained than the neighboring countries I have visited recently. I refuse to go...