About Us

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky
Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky

AboutKL.MY is a platform for bloggers/influencers/media to share tourism related information as a reference point to the public and tourists, internationally and domestically.

We aim to provide a platform that can act as a convergence point for bloggers/influencers/media and public to share their knowledge and experiences on the city’s gems utilizing the social media and online medium under the tagline of “Things to know about Kuala Lumpur and beyond” which cover tourism related products and services such as nature, heritage and culture, food, stay, entertainment, events, play and destinations beyond KL.

AboutKL.my is hoped to be a portal that contains updates and write-ups by bloggers/influencers/media and public; to provide a single tourism related reference platform written by bloggers/influencers/media/public themselves.

We took off in the middle of November 2016 with about 23 contributors that come from blogging and travel publication background. We hope to see more contributors as we make it official by the end of December 2016.

This initiative is in line and fully supportive of Cuti-Cuti Malaysia – Dekat Je campaign, henceforth we have a great collaboration and partnership with Tourism Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC), KL Tower, KL Hop On Hop Off, Gaya Travel Magazine, hotels and all other private and public sectors within and beyond Kuala Lumpur that shows strong support for this initiative.

We are calling all the member of the virtual communities to join this initiative to contribute write-ups and to participate using hashtags #AboutKL on the social media.