5 first date venue in KL for you to explore!

    There are about a million people in Kuala Lumpur and you might be preparing for your first date BUT there is always that big important questions. WHAT TO DO? WHERE TO EAT?

    Don’t worry. We got you covered. Here are recent places we recce for your romantic nigh affair! Maybe existing couple can also take note on this too.





For those who are into music, burgers and great drinks under the night sky!



    We really love the rooftop low rise feeling of the place. The lights which are festival kind with long tables and benches makes this place a good place to for you to be cheeky , sexy while having a good fun!

    The bar is vibrant with colors and wall art which gives the place personality. The drinks are well priced, really good stuff and size wise not to bad! Try the Long Island. It’s one of the best in town!

    Nagaba also served pork-free Fat Boys Burgers! Juicy tender patty with soft buns and a good sauce is a perfect meal to show the other person how you love to enjoy your burger. The place also plays really good music for those into R&B & Hiphop. But we believe the music changes to attract others. So do check the playlist with the bar before you reserve BUT from our experience you won’t be disappointed.

We suggest it would be great for your to budget from RM50 onwards for a wonderful time.

Changkat Bukit Bintang
6pm onwards

2.Dining in the dark

Let’s take blind date to another level.


ike the restaurant name suggest, you are literarily eating in pitch darkness. The whole experience is to allow your other senses work together giving you the sight of taste and cherish the moment with your loved ones without a sight of disturbance.

    You will be guided by a trusted waiter who will not only seat you down but would also explain how the night will be, in managing your expectation in order for you to enjoy your evening in total darkness. This place would allow couples on dates to really get to know the person for who they really are through conversations. Now isn’t that a good change for once from Tinder conversation or WhatsApp text?

The have packages to suit your preferences and the classic menu starts from Rm118++

We really like the fact that the restaurants give visibly challenge talents an opportunity to be in the work force. Kudos!

Arrange with the restaurant to make you and your date only to meet inside 

Changkat Bukit Bintang
6pm onwards

3. Laser Battle

Too shy for an intimate first date? Get Competitive with his and her friends!


re you the shy kind and usually need a wing man or wing women to accompany you on a date? If you said yes, then why not get a group of friends and have fun while getting to know your date. The game would show not only how competitive you are but also what kind of person you are during crunch & stress time and what type of person are you during survival.


    A lot for a first date? Maybe but at least it would give you an idea if you should continue with the person or not. So who’s really winning here? Get 6 of your close friends and let the battle begin! There are over 40 types of battle which can be organize which means 40 type of you to be discovered!

Make it competitive and show your date the eye of the tiger!

Berjaya Times Square
1030am onwards

4.Mud KL

Show off your artistic side with Malaysia’s longest running musical!

    Impress your date through songs and stunning stage performance of Kuala Lumpur. Be taken to a journey of what makes Kuala Lumpur special.

    The show touches on the hope, faith and unity. Those values is the reason why Kuala Lumpur is one of the most vibrant and adored city in the world. Through the 60 minute spectacular, your and your date will experience the difference phases of Kuala Lumpur before it became a cosmopolitan jungle.

    Is an interactive show, so be prepared to be included in one of the scenes! This would be to see if your date is into something spontaneous. There are 2 shows everyday at 1500 & 2000 respectively. So you can either plan a sweet tea date after the show or a romantic night affair. It’s all up to you!

Ticket price at RM84.80 but its only RM53 with Mykad. For more information, visit

Panggung Bandaraya (Opposite of Dataran Merdeka)
1500 & 2000 only.

5. KL Eco Park & KL Tower Mini Zoo!

Explore nature in the heart of the city!

     Not many know that in the city lays one of the oldest forest reserve in the country. The park is home to a canopy walk which allows you to appreciate nature in the midst of the concrete jungle. The walk is about 200m in length so it would be a mild outdoor activity kind of a date.Is a very photogenic place to take pictures with great natural sunlight if you go in the morning.The park would offer a good 30minutes date which seem quite short for a first date but you can extend the date with cute cuddle animals just about 5minutes walk away.

    Meet adorable Alpaca, Meerkats, Wallaby, squirrel monkey and many more animals in this zoo. Animal is always  a great conversation topic and who doesn’t like people who love animals? it shows the softer side of someone and a good quality to be kept in mind.

KL Tower, Bukit Nanas
KL Eco Park : 0700 – 1800
KL Tower Mini Zoo : 1000 – 2100

    There is so much about kl that the city can offer. From fun nightlife, to arts and heritage and something for nature lovers too! KL is accessible through many types of public transports but if you really want to impress your date, why don’t you try hopping on KL Hop on Hop off. With 23 stops to 40 major attractions, you will create a great first date memory while playing tourist! The bus offers comfortable seats and of course the best seats at on top with an open deck for you to enjoy the beauty of Kuala Lumpur. MyKad holders only have to pay from RM19 for a 24hours validity of ticket. Check them out at

Google out for promotions on the venue we shared for a greater experience.


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